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Bonfiglio and Bach Porch

In the Pop field, ROBERT BONFIGLIO, has worked with such artists as Chakka Khan, John Sebastian, Bernard Purdie, Roberto Carlos, producer Arif Mardin, Mandy Patinkin and is currently doing a "Harmonica America" recording with PHOEBE SNOW.

The harmonica is, without question, "America Instrument." Its lore and legacy is woven throughout the fabric of U.S. history as its plaintive sound evokes images of our country's heritage. Abraham Lincoln played the harmonca! There are few who haven't, at some time, sought to make music on it. Raised in the heartland of Iowa, Robert Bonfiglio has put together a program which expresses the breadth and depth of the American musical experience.

Heralded by the Boston Globe as the "Master of the Harmonica (whose) playing is something you have to hear to believe," his new ensemble, "BACH PORCH" was so named to describe what Robert calls the "sophisticated acoustic music" played by this talented group of artists. Their first recording, "Through the Raindrops," lauded for its blending of forms and captivating sound, spent eight months on the Billboard charts.

"BACH PORCH" consists of harmonica, guitar, violin and standup bass with some vocals. Drawn from the idioms of folk, jazz, country, blues, popular and classical music and set in the context of an acoustic group, the show features a wide range of music in an American style.

A virtuoso of the very first rank, Robert Bonfiglio has taken the harmonica to a new level of performance. His concerts in the U.S., Europe, South America and the Far East have received the type of critical praise reserved for the very few. Bonfiglio's pioneering work is reflected in the spirit of "BACH PORCH" where the story of a land and its people is celebrated through its own instrument, the harmonica.

The BONFIGLIO and BACH PORCH has several pop recordings (produced by Tommy West who produced Jim Croce and Anne Murray) which represent a new kind of music. As Robert says, "Born of a creative collaboration between Tommy West and me, it joins my experience as a classical harmonica virtuoso with his work as a highly successful producer of contemporary music."

Robert Bonfiglio - Harmonica
Chris Milletari - Guitar
Joe Deninzon - Violin


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